"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.                                                                                                              Renée Magritte

   What is the definition of Art? For many it conjures up images of    paintings, drawings, sculpture, and other creative objects. For some it is    music, dance, or wordcraft. 

   The arts involve inventiveness, craftsmanship, ingenuity, virtuosity, and     imagination; they take many different forms and involve many diverse skills.    Among those that reflect unprecedented mastery are those that have lain hidden    for centuries deep in the jungles of Mesoamerica – the arts of the stonemasons,    sculptors, painters, scholars, astronomers, and timekeeping specialists of the    ancient Maya world. These are the arts that have inspired this website. 


   Come, join us in the exploration of:

   Maya Calendar arts – their nature, their mystery,    their magic, and their meaning


   Soul Exploration Artsthe encoding of the soul’s    essence and destiny through the Maya Calendar;    ways in which this knowledge can add to personal    empowerment   


   Celebrational Arts – how the Maya Calendar highlights important energy cycles    and returns


   Predictive Arts – how calendrical energies influence world events and personal    journeys; predictive aspects of energy cycles                                                                


                The ancient Maya evolved "one of the few really great and coherent expressions
                          of beauty so far given
 to the world".    Herbert Spinden, Mayanist



   Manual for the Soul:A Guide     to the Energies of Life 


     An in-depth analysis on the
     energies encoded in the
     Sacred Maya Calendar and
     the impact of those energies
     on daily life.

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