Personalized Artworks

A wide range of intriguing images and “statements” can be presented through the use of Mayan hieroglyphics and mythological symbolism.

Imagery can be quite simple in concept, such as a hieroglyphic portrait of any given day such as a birthday or anniversary. And, as this is a fully developed (and highly intriguing) language, fuller statements can also be created.

This type of imagery can be used to express or illustrate:

– birth statements (as illustrations of the energy in place on the day of one’s birth)
– birth announcements, when a child is born
– relationships between people (romantic, family, career oriented, etc.)
– geneological connections
– anniversaries and commemorations, including “New Fire”
– special dates such as weddings or christenings
– special dates associated with special achievements
– and many other things

A few examples are shown below. Please contact us for further information, special orders, and pricing.

An example of the kind of daysign portrait that can be special ordered through Maya Calendar Arts. Shown here is a portrait of One Kimi, showing the Moon Goddess (representative of the Number One) with the Kimi daysign. Limited Edition Giclee print by Marguerite Paquin.










Personalized greeting cards representing a special day such as a birthday

Hieroglyphic statement of a special day. Handpainted etching on handmade paper.








Hieroglyphic wedding statement. This example: etching on gold flecked handmade paper.

Hieroglyphic wedding statement. Ink drawing on plate embossed handmade “fleur” paper.










Special order daysign. In this example: handpainted etching of Ajaw on Larroque handmade paper.
Each of the 20 basic daysigns in the Tzolk’in are available for this type of special order. Available matted only or framed.

Framed version of the Ajaw daysign etching.

Custom painting of a specific daysign


Hieroglyphic interpretation of a Long Count date: Jan. 1, 2000, based on the Classic Full Figure style. Acrylic on canvas by Marguerite Paquin.




















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