As a companion to our Count of Days Horoscope blog, this MAYA CALENDAR ARTS BLOG provides commentary on the "lush view of time" encoded within the Maya Calendar. The focus is on Maya Calendar Arts, their nature, mystery, magic and meaning; Celebrational and Predictive Arts, with emphasis on ways in which the Maya Calendar highlights important energy cycles and returns, and ways in which its energies influence world events and personal journeys; and most importantly Soul Exploration Arts, the encoding of the soul's essence and destiny through the Maya Calendar + ways in which this knowledge can add to personal empowerment.

Welcome to Maya Calendar Arts. As noted on our Home page, various kinds of arts associated with the Maya calendar are featured in this blog, with one of the most important being Soul Exploration Arts – the arts associated with personal identity, as they relate to the energies encoded within the calendar, and the arts associated with the cycling of Read the full article…

Do you ever wonder what “drives” you? What is “the force” that keeps nagging at you, that keeps prompting you in particular directions? The ancient Aztecs had a word for it: the tonalli, the animating life force connected with vigour, energy, soul, and destiny. While this is discussed in much greater depth in Manual for the Soul we can look Read the full article…

Energy cycling
Posted by Marguerite Paquin in Calendar concepts

Her timing was always exquisite. It was as if she had a built in understanding of the nature of her own energy and her use of that knowledge was breathtaking. Our little Eskie was a wonder-girl when it came to working with the unseen. Even when she first came to us, when she was only 10 weeks old, she knew Read the full article…

While most of the focus of my Horoscope blog has been on the nature and cycling of the days and trecenas (13-day periods) within the Maya Calendar, as these energies relate to current events, we are now coming into a time zone that is echoing some very important energies associated with a Maya Long Count time period called a Calendar Read the full article…

  • Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life

    Manual for the Soul, A Guide to the Energies of LifeAn in-depth analysis on the energies encoded in the Sacred Maya Calendar and the impact of those energies on daily life. Click here for more info.

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