Soul Exploration Arts through the Maya Calendar:
                      Readings and Mentoring

   Working with the Maya Calendar provides opportunities

   to explore personal energies in many different ways.

   The ancient developers of the calendar were astute

   observers of the ways in which the energies of life

                           influenced human action and daily events. Over centuries
they were able
to develop a system for encoding these energies in such
a way that
everything from extremely long range influences to the smallest

(such as the phase of the moon at the time of birth) could be detected

and encoded. It has taken years to unlock the secrets of this system,
with many of the key ideas tying in with Maya mythology and deep

understandings of the symbol systems involved.  Once unlocked, the energy
layers associated with any given day (such as a birth day,
anniversary, or
any other special day) can reveal the nature of the 
energies in question,

thereby helping to reveal personal characteristics, propensities, destiny
directions, and often untapped potential. Since
this is a profound tool for
identifying the “soul’s code”, this is an avenue 
that can help individuals to
acquire considerable insight into "who they are",
 "why they are here", and "what their life purpose might be"


There are a variety of ways in which to begin the exploration of a

personal “code”, such as the nature of a birth energy, from a simple

translation of the code energy of a birth date, to the unwrapping of

the many layers of meaning associated with that same date, through

exploration of the Long Count which places the birth energy into its

deeper context.


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   Manual for the Soul:A Guide     to the Energies of Life 


     An in-depth analysis of the
     energies encoded in the
     Sacred Maya Calendar and
     the impact of those energies
     on daily life.

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